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Marine Expo

November 22, 2010

Sterling Marine visited the Pacific Marine Expo this last weekend.   We are always amazed at how much we learn when we attend.   From the new products, to the various suppliers, to the new rules and regulations that are advertised here.   We had a wonderful time.

After the Expo Sterling Marine employees headed back to the shop to prepare for the next day.  Sterling Marine was assisting Old Tacoma Marine Inc. to check out a ferry-boat near Tacoma.    OTM has been asked to “pick-up” a few engine parts off the old WA DOT Ferry.   Sterling Marine operates a 14 foot Boston whaler which is perfect for this type of work as we can get there fast and get back fast.   Turns out though the “boat ramp” we were instructed to use was more of a beach.  This beach had 3-4 foot swells breaking onto it.   We figured, let’s try.    The boat launched fine with only a few swells crashing over the stern however the real issue arose when we tried to get the truck out of the beach/ramp.   The truck was stuck and with the tide coming in we were scrambling to get it un-stuck.  Fortunately a nice man and his truck came over and pulled us out.

After we hit the water, it was only a 10-15 minute cruise to the Island, once there though we realized that a much larger boat would be needed on a much calmer day in order to pick up the engine parts.    In a way the day was a success as we now know what tools we will need in order to complete the job.

In other news Sterling Marine is preparing to build a locker in the shop adjacent to our office space.   We plan to make the bottom level for dive gear (tanks, suits, weights, etc.) with a small bench to work on our gear.  The upper level will be almost to standing height and will be primarily used to stock parts, store line, etc.

This week Sterling Marine will be visiting Bainbridge Island.  We have one bottom survey to conduct in Blakely Harbor and one zinc maintenance and hull cleaning job near Battle Point.  Look for our zippy Boston Whaler this Wednesday mid-day!

Sterling Marine: A Seattle Based diving and marine services business providing sterling quality services to the USCG, Yacht Owners, City/state agencies, and more!

Check out our website,, for more info!

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