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Sterling Marine Update!

November 8, 2010

It has been a long time since we have updated the SMS blog.   Since our last update Sterling Marine has continued providing underwater maintenance to local yacht owners as well as branching out to provide other services.    The summer was pretty slow, but business has picked back up for the winter season?   (we don’t understand either).

A few weeks ago the City of Duvall called SMS asking us to provide an estimate on the inspection of two outlet pipes located in the Snoqualmie River.   SMS divers Sterling Hines-Elzinga and Adrian Lipp drove down to meet the plant operations manager and take a look at the area.   We went down to the river, and according to the operations manager the river was in ideal conditions.  It was low, great visibility, and wasn’t moving to fast.   This week the river is about ten feet higher, moving about eight times as fast and is pretty muddy.   We now have to wait and hope for the conditions to improve.   To follow the rivers stats click the link:

Sterling Marine has been working with another client on Bainbridge Island to help them apply for the necessary permits to install a mooring system in front of their property.  As usual, the state and city officials are very hard to work with.   We had to make two trips to Bainbridge Island in order to apply for the cities permit.   But after all was said and done I will most likely never have to go there again (until next time).

Our 13 foot launch we use to dive out of will be in Karpenske Marine Carpentry’s shop over the winter getting an overhaul.   Since I bought it about four years ago the wiring has been a complete mess and half the time our electronics and lights don’t work…  So KMC will be helping us re-wire, re-paint the bottom, and fix some loose railing around the boat.

Sterling Marine officials have also been talking to some local marine electricians and boat owners to really get to know how zincs react in the local waters.  SMS is trying to be more than “the diver who replaces your zincs and scrubs your hull”.  We want to be able to educate the vessel owner and help provide them with the best product that help keep their boat running.

Some key tips:

– Dont over zinc.  Over zincing can make your zincs do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. In other words the metals you are trying to protect by adding more zinc are more likely to corrode more if you over zinc.

– In fresh water Magnesium zincs are more suited to help prevent corrosion then standard zincs you would use in salt water.    When in doubt refer to your engine manual and manufactures notes to see if they suggest anything.

We have also talked to some local ship yards, yacht owners, and captains about the science behind a clean prop.   You would be amazed at how helpful a prop and hull cleaning can be.  A dirty prop or an un-fare prop can actually damage your prop.  An un-fare edge can create tiny bubbles while running and literally pull the prop away from its-self.    Some Captains and yacht owners also say they can feel the difference between a prop that has been freshly cleaned and a prop with barnacles and muscles on it.    The difference is huge!  Boat speed and maneuverability can be affected by a dirty prop.

Sterling Marine will also be attending the Pacific Marine Expo!  All the local marine companies will be attending and some will have booths.   All though it is geared toward the commercial people, non business’s are allowed and welcome!   If you would like to attend it is on the weekend of November 18-20.

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