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Tugboat Maris Pearl!

June 17, 2010

Sterling Marine has been contracted to help with the repair of an old Navy tugboat located in Ballard.    The vessel is scheduled to leave seattle on June 26th and about a week ago the owners learned they needed to pull three Cylinder Heads due to coolant water leaking into the crank pit.    Old Tacoma Marine Inc. is the company in charge but since the project is so large and will take place in such a small amount of time he needed our help.    The vessel was moved from its mooring in Shilshole to Ballard Oil Company where we can drive trucks on the dock and fuel the boat up change the oil.      These tasks may seem small, but when comes down to it, this is a huge job.   Un like a car, we can’t just drain the oil and put new oil in.    The vessel holds over 2oo gallons of oil which needs to be pumped out.   8 oil filters, weighing about 20 pounds each are then removed and the tank where they are held is meticulously cleaned.   The crank pit is then meticulously cleaned with hands!  People get inside the engine to clean out the crank pit with solvent and paper towels.      After all this is said and done, a week is down the drain.  Obviously there is more to it than I just wrote, but you get the idea.     5000 gallons of diesel fuel are also being pumped on board.    Although this may sound like a lot, it really isnt.   This fuel should last a year or more with heavy cruising.  The Maris Pearl is a very efficient 100 foot boat.   The main engine only burns about 10 gallons per hour at 10 knots and 200 rpm with about 1000 HP.

The new head being lifted into the boat

The Engine!

On Top of the engine work, Sterling Marine was contracted to paint the entire boat.   All 100 feet of hull and deck needs to be painted by the end of next week.   We will have more photos of the new paint soon!

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