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A Day on Puget Sound.

June 6, 2010

Today Sterling Marine took a trip across Puget Sound to Southworth, WA where we met up with Alpha Marine Installations to install some helix anchors.    Alpha Marine is the North West’s authorized dealer and installer of the proven Helix Mooring Systems.      We are happy to be partnering with each other to get some extra work for both of us.   We installed two systems near Bremerton and then took a cruise around the peninsula to service another system.     These Helix anchors are big, 6-10 foot tall screws.     In order to screw them into the ground, we must use the power of hydraulics!    On board we had a 16 h.p., 2500 psi hydraulic power pack to power our hydraulic power head.     With this machinery we can have a 8 foot system installed in minutes.     Alpha Marine has been in business for about 15+ years and over that amount of time they have perfected their systems to make the last longer.     Everything from the type of thimble used to the brand of the swivel has been perfected by Alpha Marine.

Jim Arnold and Duane black lowering the Helix

Anchor and hydraulic power pack into the water.

Jim Arnold preparing the anchor rode.

Helix Anchors, for those of you that don’t know, are a revolutionary anchoring system that is used around the world for commercial and residential purposes.    These anchors are basically a large steel auger screws that are screwed into the sea floor.    Unlike a dead weight anchor, these systems do not cover any marine life on the sea floor, leaving a small footprint on the ecosystem.    They also do not drag around like conventional dead weight anchors, thus leaving surrounding marine life in tact.   On top of all that, these anchors have been tested and proven to hold a significant larger load than dead weight anchors.    For more information on their holding power you can visit our website.

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