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May 24, 2010

Sterling Marine had an eventful job this week.    We dove on the USCGC Sea Devil.   It was located in Elliott Bay at the time.     Although we had been planning this for almost a month, there were still a few surprises the day before, as well as the day of.      It was a mad rush to complete the paperwork and acquire all the requirements for the Coast Guard.     Generally, you would do a small amount of paperwork and then do the job, but with the government its an entire different story!    We had to fill out multiple items.    On site we found that we were unable to have both of our divers in the water.    Due to new Coast guard regulations, you must have a standby diver on the surface which, for us, tripled our time on site.     Cleaning an 87 foot boat is no easy task, and it especially isn’t easy with only one diver.    We also ran into some problems with removing the old zincs, as they were stuck in there holding plate.    Although it was a very long day, we got the work done and the client was happy!   A success!! Pictures from this dive will be ready mid next week, after our inspection report is done!  stay tuned.

We also finished up the site survey for a client on Bainbridge Island.  We are installing a Helix Mooring system sometime soon and wanted to know the bottom compositions.

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