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Vessel Malfunction

May 10, 2010


Our dive boat had more than a few issues starting for our trip across the sound to Bainbridge.     We had it in the water and loaded and it refused to start for us.   After troubleshooting we realized it needed more than we could give it with a hammer and pry bar so be aborted that mission and headed for downtown Seattle where we caught a ferry!   More about our job on Bainbridge below.

This past weekend we had a good amount of work.    First on the list was the site survey out at Bainbridge Island.    Sterling Marine’s team was chosen to design and install a custom permanent mooring system.    In order to choose the best system we surveyed the land.     We now have enough information to complete the permitting process as well as design a few different systems for the owner to choose from.      Our ideas have come down too a helix mooring system or a dead weight system.    We plan to take our boat out this coming week and take a few more measurements and soundings to help us with the permitting.   We will also have some still photos from our video inspection on our next blog post.

Sterling Marine also did some hull cleaning for some of the duck dodge vessels.    Duck Dodge is starting soon and a lot of the more serious racers are wanting a clean bottom!

In the coming weeks we have the Coast Guard survey, site survey, and survey at the CWB shop.

Photos from our diving this weekend!

Duane Black preparing to survey the sea floor.

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