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Another One!

May 3, 2010

Weekend News:

On Saturday SMS dove at the CWB to find some anchors that had been lost (cut by a tow boat company) when the docks were towed away for opening day.    Some how the tugboat company in charge managed to loose three anchors as well as TOW one of them away?    How could someone manage to tow 200 feet of dock away with four anchors attached?   Any how, we were called down to find them and mark them with a surface buoy.   SMS reported to the site on Saturday, May 1 around 10am.    After getting almost half of our gear loaded into the boat they provided us with, Duane realized that he had left his weight belt at home.     This may seem like no big deal, but without weights, a diver has no way of sinking down.

An hour later Duane shows up with all the proper equipment and we head out to the working spot.     First down we find a line just sitting in the mud and trace it back to an ecology block (cement anchor).    We immediately surface and grab a line and float to mark it with.    Next we start a search pattern to try and find the other two anchors out there.     Somehow we managed to fin them despite the fact they were about one foot beneath the sea floor.   With zero visibility and our hands feet deep in the mud, we managed to tie the lines to the eco-blocks.

All was fine until, right as we were boarding the work boat, Sterling dropped his mask.     Generally we would have gone back to get it, but because we were just on the bottom working the mud had been kicked up and we were unable to recover it.   Sometime this week we will return to find it.


As we have stated in our earlier blogs we have a site survey at Bainbridge Island this week.    We will be using the T/V Isswatt to transport our gear to the site.   More on this after we conduct the survey.

Also, on May 20th we have the video inspection of the USCGC Sea Devil.  More on this after the 20th.

This is a picture from one our fun dives a while ago!

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