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Diving ,Diving, Diving!

May 1, 2010


As we have stated in past blogs, SMS is partnering with Underwater Surveys (UWS) to provide more services.   Some of those services include ships husbandry, video inspection, and larger salvage jobs.    Sterling Marine has also designated certain officials with specific titles.   Erik Elzinga, a founder and sponsor has been titled President of SMS.    If you have any problems, you can contact him!  Sterling Hines-Elzinga, a founder and head diver has been titled Regional Manager.   Duane Black, a new team member with over 18 years of experience in the commercial diving trade, has been titled Project Manager.    Any inquires about services can be sent to Sterling.

SMS has also been awarded a few larger contracts.   Last week we finalized a project that will take about two to three months.   We were asked to install a new permanent mooring system on Bainbridge Island.    After the initial site inspection that will occur next week, we will decide what type of system will work best for the owner.   As of now, we are looking into two different types of anchor systems.   One, is a more traditional system called a dead weight system.    This usually comprises one or more ecology blocks (cement roadway blocks- 3000 Lbs.).   This system has a larger footprint on the surrounding wildlife and can be more expensive to install.    The Helix Mooring System is a much better system.   Not only is it environmentally sensitive, but it has nearly three times as much holding power and is generally cheaper to install.     We hope we will be able to utilize the Helix mooring system.

Also, the USCG project or cleaning and inspecting a USCGC has been awarded to SMS.    We have been commissioned to clean the hull of the USCGC Sea Devil and replace her anodes.   We are also going to be providing a full video inspection.   SMS hopes that this job with the Coast Guard will lead to more in the future.   This job is set on May 20th.


SMS has been in the process of getting all of our paper work together.    With the help of Diana Hennick, administrative assistant who works on a contractor basis, has helped us design “Job Purpose” sheets for specific jobs as well as “Job Agreement” forms.    Duane Black, our project manager, has also helped us implement new systems.   A “Record of Dive” log book is now in use as well as a “Job Log”.    These will help SMS keep track of our diving history as well as manage our time and employees.

Diana Hennick has also helped us with applying for the necessary permits to install the anchor system on Bainbridge Island.     Our initial site inspection will take place next week and after that we will be able to design our mooring system and draw construction plans to submit to the state.

Below is SMS’ new logo:  What do you think?  comment below!

The above photos were ripped from a movie that UWS made.    A full video sample is available!

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