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Offers, Offers, Offers

March 21, 2010

Job Offers

In the past few weeks Sterling Marine has gotten an irregular amount of calls and job offers.    First was our call more than a week ago about an eco block needing its chain re-attached to the mooring ball.   The owner of the house in Olympia wants an entirely new system from the ground up.   We also got a call from the Redmond City Council.   They are in the process of signing a lease with the State of Washington for pier 50 in Elliott Bay.   In order to sign this lease they need the pier inspected to ensure it will not fail before their lease is up.   We have a meeting set with a representative to discuss the details and their budget for the project.  more to come on this in the following weeks.

Fun Dives

Last night Sterling Marine decided to take a night off of working on the computer and go for a dive!  We decided on Alki Beach, Cove number 2.   This is a favorite spot for us because we are guaranteed to see something cool and its an easy entrance and exit from the water.  Last week when we were there a seal, or bunch of seals was swimming with us for most of our dive!  This dive we saw some very cool fish (we have pictures below).

Work Continues on T/V Skillful

As you may have read in previous posts, the little tug that I work on is having its engine rebuilt.    We pulled the engine from the boat the day before Thanks Giving are getting ready to put it back in the boat with a brand new Capitol, 3-1 gear!   We have spent hours needle gunning the engine and sand blasting smaller parts.   2/3 of the engine is shiny white and the other 1/3 is almost there!    We are almost to the point where we can attach the new gear to the engine and put the engine back in.    Our plan is to have the boat running before May, so we can have a few days of sea trials before painting the entire boat so that it is ready for the Seattle Maritime Festival.


Sterling Marine Services is a family owned and operated business specializing in under maintenance and repair.  Visit for more info

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