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More Flotation Issues at CWB

March 8, 2010

Its Coming To an End:

Our long term project at the Center for Wooden Boats has finally come near to the end. We started out about two months ago placing barrels under their new floats that were built at the end of last year for the new entry ways. We then moved to the boat shop which was 100% off level and very low in the water which was rotting away structural elements. This Saturday Sterling Marine divers Erik Elzinga and Sterling Hines-Elzinga set out to finish the boat shop. One problem. It was about 5 feet deep where we were working which made it extremely hard to get the larger barrels in place. In fact we were only able to place 4 55 gallon barrels in the SW west corner. We also filled 4-5 smaller barrels that were already in place. We tried to get more barrels under it by going farther under the structure but the visibility was so terrible (about 1-2 feet at best) that we had to abort that mission. By the end of the day we had raised the SW corner about one foot higher than it previously had been. Although this was not as high as we had hoped to get it, it helped tremendously. The picture is from a previous dive at CWB when we were adding flotation:

We plan to re-visit w after they have moved the shop about 80 feet forward placing it in deeper water. If did not already know, The Center for Wooden Boats is completely revamping their docks. With the South Lake Union Park opening up soon, CWB is replacing old docks and rearranging their boat houses to make accessing them easier. This large move should be happening in the next few months.

Work Continues on Tug Skillful:

Sunday I went down to the shop in Ballard to work on the Skillful’s (the small tug I work on) engine the we pulled 4 months ago. I am slowly taking parts off and sand blasting them and putting them back on the engine looking like new. Its a long process but pays off in the end when the engine looks brand new! The following picture is from the 2009 engine haul out at Seaworthy Services:

Night Dive!:

To wind down from the stressful dive at CWB, we decided to have a fun dive at Alki with our extra tank. Sunday night around 7, after sushi, we went to Cove two for a night dive. It was nice, a large sea lion swam with us for most of the time. The picture below is from our dive tonight:

Good News:

We finally figured out our business license situation with the government.   I fist filed with the state in mid December and have constantly been on the phone with them trying to figure where it has been.  Apparently there was a mix up with the Secretary of the State and the DOL.  Its all figured out now, after countless hours trying to figure thing out on the phone.    Next on my list is a city business license!


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