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A Busy Week!

February 26, 2010

SMS has had a long two weeks with no diving jobs, but some on land jobs.   This week I have been halping out Old Tacoma Marine Inc. get the T/V Authur Foss, and Fireboat Duwamish ready for a Ballard High School class.   In The Authur Foss we had to put number 4 cylinder back together.  We had recently pulled the head to replace a gasket that was letting exhaust into the engine room.  After we put the cylinder back together, we did a large amount of cleaning around to ensure that the vessel was safe for the students.

On the Duwamish, we did a number of things.  It hasn’t been run in a few months which meant we had to go through the entire boat to ensure nothing was leaking or un safe.   After a thorough check, we started up the first generator (Detroit 6-71) and started building up air to start the main engines (3 Cooper Bessemer’s with 900 HP each running GE DC generator which power the water pumps and electric engines turning the props).    All three mains started without too much of a hitch.  the forward port engine accidentally started backwards.  This is caused by the recoil of the flywheel swinging the opposite way after tapping the starter.   We et both boats run a good amount of time before shutting them down for the day.

While I was working with OTM, I met with a staff member of NW Seaport (own Authur Foss) who is going to create a list of objects on their hulls that need to be documented underwater.  We will be completing this inspection in the following weeks.

We also got a call from The Center for Wooden Boats telling us they have bought more barrels for us to finish placing under the wood shop.   We will continue with this job next month due to a busy schedule.  The CWB has also asked SMS to manage their Donated For Sale Boats.  The staff member in charge of the vessels is currently working at the CWB’s other location which doesn’t give him enough time to care for the boats.   If we are awarded the contract, we will be in charge of a preliminary inspection of the top sides and under sides, a full detailing, and a weekly check on the vessels to ensure they are in good order.


Sterling Marine Services provide underwater services in the Puget Sound region.  We also provide yacht management, towing services, and detailing.   call 425-443-9490

Old Tacoma Marine Inc. preserves the antique engines built before 1950.  He offers a large amount of services and classes

CWB has a free public sail every sunday, rain or shine!

Skillful LLC provides towing services in Seattle WA, call OTM at 206-898-7012

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