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Dive Port Townsend!

February 17, 2010

Friday morning SMS divers Sterling Hines-Elzinga and Erik Elzinga took a diving vacation to Port Townsend, WA on the corporate yacht, Impetuous.    It was a wonderful day for a sail!   Thirty knot winds and four foot seas all from astern!   Erik took the helm aboard the Impetuous (37 foot Hunter Sail Boat) and Sterling took the Helm on the Sea Biscuit, a 14 foot Boston Whaler used as our dive boat.   After two hours of trailing behind Impetuous Sterling went on ahead to Port Townsend.  On the way He saw a submarine, a few tugboats plowing into the wind all while waves were crashing over his head and swamping his “unsinkable legend”.

Dive #1

Our actual diving took place on Sunday, as the weather had been to harsh for diving on Saturday.   We took the Whaler from Pt. Hudson Marina to the Port of Port Townsend which is about a ten minute cruise down the coast.     The local dive shop hooked us up with some of the best tanks we have rented (HP Steel).   We were so used to using small low pressure tanks, that we ended our dives with about 1800 PSI left in them.

Our first dive took place right in front of the Point Hudson marina break water.   We anchored the Whaler 10 feet off the beach and unloaded our gear.    We walked in to the water around 12:30.

Dive 1 Dive Log:

Date: 02.14.1o

Time Entered: 12:29

Max Depth: 69 ft.

Water temp: 47 degrees

Bottom Time: 36 Minutes

PSI: Start=3400………End=1700

Dive #2

Dive 2 took place on an old power barge that sank a few years back.    The resemblance of many parts are their, but the barge has composted a lot since it sank.    We anchored just east of the wreck in about 38 feet of water, descended the anchor line and swam to a depth of 35 feet where we continued until the wreck came into sight.

Dive 2 Dive Log:

Date: 02.14.1o

surface Interval: 1:24

Time Entered: 2:40

Max Depth: 44 ft.

Water temp: 47 degrees

Bottom Time: 42 Minutes

PSI: Start=3400………End=1800


All pictures shown are property os Sterling Marine Services LLC.   Prints or rights can be ordered by contacting us.

Sterling Marine Services LLC is located in Seattle Washington.  We provide 24/7 diving services.   You can view our website for more pictures or for information on our services.

View our photo albums at Picasa Web.

Call 425-443-9490 or email for more information 🙂

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