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More Dock Lifting At CWB

February 8, 2010

Dive at CWB

Saturday the 6th SMS divers, Sterling Hines-Elzinga, Erik Elzinga, and Adrian Lipp crewed up at 1000 to add flotation barrels to the Center for Wooden Boats Boat Shop.   To our surprise, we had to fetch the barrels from underneath another float that is being removed.   This was the hardest part of the day being we had to dodge rebar sticking out, lines, and divers while trying rustle a 55 gallon barrel out of its spot! despite the condition we freed about 9 out of the 15-18 barrels.

SMS diver Sterling Hines-Elzinga wrangling barrel

The next order of business was to place the barrels under the Boat Shop.  The shop, for some time, has been extremely un-level and we many of its stringers submerged.   We added about 11 barrels to the North East portion of the shop leveling it and raising the stringers out of the water.    Within the next month SMS will continue adding more flotation around the shop until its perfectly level.

SMS divers Erik Elzinga and Adrian Lipp

Dive on T/V Isswatt

On Sunday, the 7th SMS diver Sterling Hines-Elzinga and tender, Erik Elzinga headed down to South LAke Union to replace an anode on 32 foot tug.   The job went to plan, and everything looked good.

T/V Iswatt

New Anode on T/V Iswatt

Dive Log

Max Depth: 28 feet

Avg. depth: 3-7 feet

Temp. at bottom: 45

Temp at surface: 47

approximate accumulated bottom time: 1.5 hours


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