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January In Review

February 3, 2010

SMS started out the new year with a bundle of work! First the Maris Pearl needed her bow thruster unfouled.  You can read more about this two day job on our previous posting using the link.

That was followed by  a larger job at the CWB adding flotation to some of their new and pre-exisiting floats.

SMS divers, Sterling Hines-Elzinga, Erik Elzinga, and Adrian Lipp will be finishing the CWB Dock lift job this up coming saturday at 10 o’ clock!  We hope to have more photos and news after that. After that I plan to do a quick dive on the T/V Isswatt to change its Zincs.

I other news, we finally got our bank account started at BECU.   It was a long process of talking to the secretary of the state, the DOL, the bank, and back to my other business partner.   The secretary of the state seemed to be the hardest to deal with, as they got my address wrong, were extremely back logged, and very busy all the time.  In the end we got the Formation documents, Business License and EIN number all together and to the bank.


Sterling Marine Services LLC is located in Seattle Washington, We offer many marine diving services, yacht maintenance services, and other services!  call 425-443-9490, or email, or visit for more information.

Old Tacoma Marine Inc. is also located in Seattle.  They offer services along the lines of restoring and preserving classic slow turning, heavy duty engines, built before the 1950’s.  You can read their blog, or visit their website.

The Center For Wooden Boats on the South end of Lake Union preserves the marine heritage in the NW. stop by any day to take a look.  Sunday at 2 is a FREE public sail!  visit for more information.

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