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Thursdays Update

January 29, 2010

SMS has not had a dive job since last sunday.   Between then and now we have managed to get a lot done in the office!    It started on wednesday when we tried to start the SMS bank account.   I thought I had all of the numbers and files but it turns out I really had nothing I needed.   We went back to the office and found our certificate of formation had finally arrived from Olympia.   This was great news as I could now apply for my EIN number and start filling out the forms I needed to open my bank account at BECU (great customer service).   Our plan is to head back to the bank tomorrow and open the SMS savings and checking account so that we have a place to store the billions of dollars we make every week, (wink, wink).

I also got a call from my good friend Jake Beattie who owns the T/V Isswatt.  This 32 foot tug powered by a gasoline Chrysler crown, is what I learned to drive and tow in.    He bought the boat when I was about 10 and I immediately could back that boat into any slip in any Marina.  Long story short, He wants us to change his zincs next time were in the area.   Tip: if you want a job, dive on his boat and take pictures of the problem areas, then send them to the owner, and say you’ll fix it!

Also on our calendar is the Seattle Boat Show!   We have been designing and printing flyers and business cards to hand out during the boat show to attract more business.

In one week from saturday we will be finishing our job at CWB.  The last area needing flotation is the Wood Shop.   This will be the hardest area to work with do to utilities located under the structure, and it is extremely shallow, leaving us no room for errors.  We plan to add at-least 10 barrels throughout the float in order to raise the stringers out of the water.  SMS divers Sterling Hines-Elzinga, Erik Elzinga, and Adrian Lipp (OTM) plan to finish the work at CWB.  Check back next week for details on the CWB job.

For more information on SMS‘ services click here.

Visit CWB any day for a great experience on Lake Union.

Old Tacoma Marine specializes in the maintenance and restoration of classic diesels

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