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Giving CWB A Dock Lift!

January 23, 2010

Today Sterling Marine Services dove at the Center for Wooden Boats on the south end of Lake Union. The goal was to refloat and level off some of the pre existing floats and some of their newly built floats that will be used for the new entry ways.

SMS’ divers, Sterling Hines-Elzinga, Erik Elzinga, and Adrian Lipp (Old Tacoma Marine) crewed up at 0900. Our first problem of the day was power supply running out to the pier was not enough to run our air compressor. After an hour of screwing around with the compressor we figured out that it blew the breaker when it tried to start on a load. We originally thought the float would need one or two barrels, but it turned out we needed a lot more. We then added 7 new barrels each with about 500 Lbs. of lift to the newly crafted “T Float” that will be used as their new entry way.

Our next area was the “Oar House Float”. Ever since the Center built the Oar House on the float it has been lower in the water. In order to componsait we added 5 barrels each with ~500 Lbs. of lift. The oar house float is now sitting 4 inches higher and all of the structural parts are out of the water.

Todays Numbers:

Max Depth: 29 ft

Average Depth: 6 ft

Total Bottom Time: 21 min.

View CWB’s Blog at

View SMS’ website for more information at


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